Whatever your automotive logistics needs, we provide timely response and action.

From sourcing and supply of raw materials, manufacturing plants, outbound automobiles to end customers, and aftermarket logistics, we deliver your automotive goods faster and more cost-efficient than anyone else.


Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

Our inbound logistics and VMI solutions ensure a continuous supply of raw materials fully supports your production line so you can focus on core business objectives.

Sub-Assembly and Kitting

Our solutions include BOM assembling, SN management, picking and sorting, kitting and sequencing and more. We reduce depreciation risks by pushing back final assembly of vehicles, packaging preparation and related marketing materials to a point that is closer to your end-user.

Spare and Service Parts Logistics

Sophisticated logistics management for spare and service parts including optimised inventory levels, service and spare parts kitting, quality inspection, maintenance and so on.

After-Sales Logistics

Whether 4S stores distribution, reverse logistics or return management for spare and service parts, customers receive the highest standard of aftermarket support.

Value-added Services

We add value and competitiveness to your automobiles in the last mile of the supply chain through functional testing / RMA functional testing, vehicle cleaning, tyre checking and pressure refilling, CKD or SKD operations and so on.

Our sophisticated ABLEVISION supply chain visibility system guarantees full transparency and control throughout the supply chain. Delivering peace of mind to clients is our top priority.