PO / Vendor Management

Able Logistic Group Purchase Order / Vendor Management is a multi-modal logistical solution designed for efficient management of the entire supply chain by authorising total end-to-end visibility.

By authorising us to measure and evaluate performance data of all key parties in the supply chain, we are able to improve and add value to its operation in a way that optimises speed while minimising costs.

PO / Vendor Management offers a range of highly effective, streamlining services that include:

Monitoring and ensuring that vendors cross-reference orders against PO quantity and cargo ready date

Ensuring vendor compliance within agreed parameters, including providing proper training

Managing documentation. We offer fast, efficient and thorough documentation collection, verification and uploading from vendors to prevent delays

Implementing of vendor performance KPIs, including measurement of delivery within agreed shipment windows from ex-factory date, vendor booking, cargo delivery and document submission date

Distributing POs. We run the PO distribution directly to factory or agent