Risk Management Consultancy

At Able Logistic Group, we have our own risk management consultancy team to ensure that any risks of our business partners, especially those of our customers are managed effectively, efficiently and coherently along the supply chain.

The heart of risk management in many sectors is the adoption of a framework known as Enterprise Risk Management "ERM". The risk management process captures the objectives of the organisation including threats as well as opportunities in business, the diversity of risk criteria, risk evaluation and solution in order to address critical business issues such as growth, return, consistency and value creation.

We have this framework with procedures and practices in place designed to protect and enhance resources, and enable the fulfillment of our business objectives. Our ERM framework is capable of extending its effect from one segment upstream and downstream in the supply chain to other segments where our business partners are located. Our belief is based on the principles that risk management is the responsibility of each and every employee and therefore must be integrated into all aspects of our supply chain where Able Logistic Group has its presence.

Able Logistic Group is committed to managing the risk of our business partners in accordance with their diverse and unique needs, regulations of respective local governments, the environment and social responsibilities through our value-for-money solutions in a systematic, transparent and credible manner.