Sea-Air & Air-Sea

Combining the economies of ocean freight with the speed of air freight, we offer tailor-made and cost-effective sea-air and air-sea freight solutions across the globe.

Your benefits are significant cost savings on the overall transportation costs while safeguarding reasonable shipment times for your cargoes.

Our sea-air experts are able to develop customised programme that suits your specific requirements with optimal tariffs and routes.

What is unique about our sea-air intermodal service is that transportation occurs in a singular fashion. This includes a single rate per kilogram and single document for the entire transportation process from the port of origin to the airport of destination. We also handle all customs formalities and delivery documentation along the journey, giving you peace of mind.

Though our proprietary ABLEVISION supply chain visibility platform, you are able to track and trace your shipments in the same way you could when transporting solely by air or sea.